Hi there! 你好吗?👋 I am Shirly, a Graphic Designer currently based in Toronto, Canada.

I love infusing cultural elements into my creations and experimenting with colours.

Scroll down to see what I've been working on! 🤸


Motion Play

A series of motion graphics — for experimenting.

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©opyright Infographic

An infographic produced for copyright information and data.

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RU K-POP Branding

A logo and loyalty card design for the RU K-POP student group. RU K-POP is a community of Korean pop fans that gather together to share their passion for Korean music and culture.

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Personal Branding

A logo design that emphasizes the current design element that I want to concentrate on, incorporating cultural aspects into a special design. This logo integrates my last name 'To' and the Chinese character of my last name '苏'.

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Team Wang Mobile App

An UX/UI mobile app design for the brand TEAM WANG, using Figma and Adobe Illustrator.

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RU K-POP Posters

Posters made for RU K-POP orientation and games night.

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A series of digital illustrations created for specific articles at StyleCircle, a student-run fashion publication group at Ryerson University.

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